New Company Announcement: Tajima EV Corporation

Our home planet earth is exposed to environmental changes such as increasing extreme weather events, rising sea level, desertification. These are said to be largely due to the increase of greenhouse gases, namely carbon dioxide.

I actively advocate to increase adoption rate of EV through the organization APEV (Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles) and through it, to improve the environment on earth.

I represent SIM-Drive Corporation where its primary business is to develop next-generation vehicles, and at Tajima Motor Corporation we have worked to develop and manufacture electric vehicles ourselves and also receive and conduct many development and manufacturing projects for partner companies. In order to offer rapid servicing toward growing demands, we would aim to offer new values to the market and gather all our EV related business to one new company “Tajima EV Corporation”.

Globally, there are areas which mass-consumer-centric major auto makers do not cover, and we would be in a position to provide meticulous services toward potential demands and requirements. As example, the exponential growth of motorization in a developing nation may have significant impact to the environment and require a practical and cost effective EV solution to introduce into their society. Even in the matured market in the developed nation, consumers growingly prefer products of convenience and added value.

To service these needs, our company would gather the top experts of each field to realize the business of ‘Mobility Life Design’ where not only EVs are built, but aim to build ‘EV Society’ through the pursuit of all possibilities.

Tajima EV Corporation Chairman,

President and CEO Nobuhiro Tajima