Hyper EV Development -- Drive Control Test

Hyper EV Development -- Drive Control Test

Using our original 1.1MW EV Racer (E-Runner 2016) with 4-wheel independent drive control, we are developing the drive control system for the new Hyper EV.
We tested the throttle management system under the condition of optimal distribution of drive power while maintaining the optimal slip rate and slip rate control under lateral forces from steering.

The data collected from the test will be used to develop the new Hyper EV vehicle.

Collaborative Research: The University of Tokyo Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory (Motion Control Algorithm)
Sponsor: dSPACE Japan K.K. (High performance onboard vehicular computer and model base developing environment)
Sponsor: TOKYO KEIKI INC. (GPS/INS equipment)
Test Driver: Tajima Motor Corporation, Yutaka Awazuhara (Former Champion of All Japan Rally Championships)

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