'Shizuoka autonomous driving showCASE project' Starts

"Shizuoka autonomous driving showCASE project" Starts

The opening ceremony for the "Shizuoka autonomous driving showCASE Project" and "Ecopa Dream Project" was held at the ECOPA Ogasayama Sports Park.

Shizuoka Prefecture Vice Governor Takashi Namba, Fukuroi City Mayor Hideyuki Harada and TAJIMA EV Chairman & CEO Nobuhiro Tajima were present at the ceremony and took a test drive of the TAJIMA JIAYUAN EV with Autonomous Driving System which TAJIMA EV Corporation built to the Ultra Compact Mobility standard.

Tasks and Objectives of the Demonstrative Experiment

  • With the survey data provided from municipal government, we use the map data compiled by Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd. as the basic map information for autonomous driving.
  • Demonstrate the possibility of autonomous driving on an Ultra Compact Mobility platform primarily for civilian personal use cases.
  • Evaluation of driving performance in a closed environment of the Ogasayama park including inclined roads.
  • Collection of evaluation data provided by the general public and professional drivers.

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