Successful prototype 48V battery pack (4R Energy Cell)

4R Energy Corporation successfully prototyped a 48V battery pack using recycled lithium-ion battery modules.

By adapting the battery format of TAJIMA EV, it enables the development of multiple vehicle models in a short term and expected to aid in lowering the associated costs when mass produced.

Specification: Nominal Voltage 48V, Nominal Current 250A (350A MAX), Nominal Capacity to be confirmed after charge cycle test.
Notable Features: Exceptional safety (Low voltage class, Integrated BMS, Integrated fuse, connector cell connections)

TAJIMA EV can conduct reliability tests with cycle charge-discharge evaluation system along with thermostatic chamber. Please inquire for more detailes.

Cycle charge-discharge evaluation system: 80V MAX, 350A MAX CURRENT, 20 channel Voltage measurement, 20ch thermometer, Electric Current 2channels
Thermostatic chamber: - 40 degreess to 100 degrees Celsius.

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