Development of ‘Ultra Compact Mobility’ at the Fukushima Robot Test Field


Research experiment on impact mitigation structure during collision

The ultra-compact mobility EV currently under development at Tajima EV is designed to protect the cabin with a space frame structure of steel pipes, which is advantageous for strength in the event of a collision.

Also, cushioning material is mounted on the outside of the frame to reduce the impact on passengers.

Taking advantage of the features of the EV, in which the main machinery is stored under the floor and there are no high-temperature objects such as an engine, the policy is to receive a load on the entire front surface, absorb a large volume, and utilize resin-based materials. The performance of the cushioning material is being confirmed in experiments.

We also welcome suggestions from suppliers who have the technology of honeycomb materials and foam materials.

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充分利用EV的特性,因为EV的主要机械位于地板下,并且没有高温物体(例如发动机),因此政策是在整个前表面承受载荷,吸收大体积并利用树脂基材料。 缓冲材料的性能已在实验中得到证实。